Ah, freshers week, that magical time of the year when you’re thrown headfirst into the wild world of university life. While everyone around you is buzzing with excitement about getting their hands on a freshers wristband, we’re here to tell you the complete opposite. Who needs to experience all the fun, laughter, and memories of freshers week anyway?

Here are 5 incredibly convincing reasons why you should totally pass on that coveted wristband:

  1. You Clearly Don’t Want to Party Every Single Night:

Let’s be honest, who wants to have a night out every single evening during freshers week? It’s not like you’ll be meeting new people, dancing to your favourite tunes, and having the time of your life. No, definitely not. By not getting a freshers wristband, you’re consciously choosing to miss out on a club night every night of the week for a minimum of two whole weeks. Can you even imagine the horror of all those incredible memories you won’t be making? Truly dreadful.

  1. Mediocre Events Are Your Jam:

Why would you want to attend the most varied range of events across the biggest and best clubs in Cardiff? It’s not like you’ll enjoy experiencing different music genres, dancing to the beats of famous DJs, or rubbing shoulders with other fun-loving freshers from different halls. No, sticking to mediocre events that lack diversity is the real way to make the most of your freshers week. Who wants variety, right?

  1. Let’s Throw Money Out the Window:

Who needs financial prudence? By not getting a wristband, you can joyfully waste your money by buying tickets on the door or purchasing individual tickets for each event. Sure, this method will cost you significantly more than the price of a single wristband, which works out at around just £1 per event. But hey, who needs to save money when you can have the thrill of splurging unnecessarily? Responsible budgeting is overrated, my friend.

  1. Embrace the Queue and Feel the Frustration:

Oh, queues! The epitome of fun, especially when you’re standing in line for hours, watching all those wristband holders effortlessly skip ahead of you. By not having a wristband, you can embrace the joy of waiting and longing for entry, only to be left at the mercy of the bouncers’ discretion. Who needs guaranteed entry and queue jump privileges when you can have a good old-fashioned exercise in patience and disappointment?

  1. Miss Out on Friendships:

Picture this: you’re the only person in your flat without a wristband. While your flatmates are bonding over shared experiences and creating lifelong friendships, you’ll be twiddling your thumbs, or contemplating your long wait in the queue. Who needs to meet new people and forge connections when you can revel in the joy of hindsight? Surely, missing out on the chance to create a strong support network and lifelong friends is the way to go.

So there you have it, 5 incredibly convincing reasons to NOT get a freshers wristband. From missing out on unforgettable club nights every single evening, to embracing the joy of queues, this is the foolproof plan for an unforgettable freshers… for all the wrong reasons. But hey, who needs to have fun, make memories, and create lifelong friendships when you can sit back and let the world pass you by? Remember, freshers week is just a tiny blip in your university experience, so why bother making it count? It’s not like it’s the perfect opportunity to kickstart your university life with a bang, right?

Of course, we hope you caught the sarcasm dripping from every word in this article.

The truth is, getting a freshers wristband is the ultimate key to an amazing start at university. With access to club nights every night, the chance to explore diverse events, significant cost savings, queue jump privileges, and the opportunity to meet countless new people, it’s clear that a wristband is an absolute must-have.

So, dear freshers, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Grab that wristband and get ready for the time of your life. They will sell out before you even get to university and then you’ll be left with limited options. Embrace the excitement, the energy, and the endless possibilities that freshers week brings. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


Now, go out there and show everyone how to party like a pro. Cheers to an unforgettable freshers!