What happens if I’ve already bought a wristband for events that are now postponed?2020-09-18T09:15:18+00:00

We will be moving our entire original event line up to a new date in the future. We will be confirming the new date on October 2nd 2020. All wristbands bought will be automatically transferred and remain valid for all of the events. If there are any issues after October 2nd, refunds will be available.

I managed to get one of the FREE wristbands. What does that include?2019-09-09T09:56:58+00:00

The first 100 wristbands that we released for free are Triple wristbands. They are valid for the full 3 weeks of freshers.

Where do I get my UNI WARS t-shirt?2019-09-09T09:57:31+00:00

UNI WARS t-shirts come free with wristbands and tickets (single tickets are £10 each). Your t-shirts will be given out at the collection points when you pick up your wristband.

What if I can’t make it to the collection point?2020-08-04T16:04:59+00:00

If for any reason you are unable to make the collection point, a friend can collect your things for you. If nobody is able to collect your items, please let us know by messaging us on the page.

I’ve bought a wristband. When will I get it?2019-09-09T09:59:04+00:00

There will be a collection two collection points in Cardiff where you can collect your wristband. These will be held on Sunday 15th and Sunday 22nd Sep. The times and location of the collection points will be sent to all wristband holders nearer the time.

We will also be giving out freshers welcome packs at the collection points containing a few goodies and essentials. If you miss the collection point, you will miss the packs.

You do not need to print your order confirmation out, save paper and just bring the confirmation on your phone. A screen shot will also work. We will scan the unique bar code on each ticket in exchange for your wristband.

Can you get into events without a wristband?2019-09-09T10:00:06+00:00

Without a wristband we cannot guarantee that you will be able to come to our events. A wristband guarantees entry all night and you will not have to pay to get in regardless of what time you turn up. You may be able to pay on the door at some of our events if there is space inside the venue, but this will be subject to venue capacities and queuing times. All wristband holders get fast-track queuing so if you just turn up, you may have to wait longer.

What events does the wristband include?2020-08-02T22:48:00+00:00

The wristband includes the 3 biggest student events in the city: Mode Tuesdays and Smack. Fridays, as well as Bring On The Night (Revs Saturdays), Uni Wars and many more.


Are the wristbands made of Paper?2020-08-02T22:49:29+00:00

No. The wristbands are fabric festival style wristbands. Paper is the name of the organisers behind all of the events. Paper are Cardiff’s largest and most trusted student brand and run the freshers weeks, 4 events a week all year round and regular one-off large events


Do I still have to queue if I have a wristband?2019-09-09T10:01:19+00:00

Wristband holders get priority queuing. There will be two queuing systems at each venue over freshers, one fast-track queue for wristband and ticket holders and another for non-ticket holders. The wristband holders will be filtered in first.

Does getting a wristband save you money?2020-08-02T22:50:18+00:00

Yes. Even if you only plan on going out a few times over the 3 weeks of freshers, a wristband will still save you money and hassle. Without a wristband or ticket you’re not guaranteed entry to the events at all, and individual tickets cost between £5-10 (sometimes more). The closer to freshers it gets, the more expensive and difficult to get hold of tickets get.